Nail Basic City Services

The services your city provides directly impact your life every day. Sometimes they’re so automatic that we don’t even notice them — until they aren’t working as well as they should. And then you may wonder, “what exactly are my tax dollars being used for?” Let’s make sure our city is delivering on its promises to its residents, like providing safe, clean parks and public spaces, keeping sidewalks and roads in good repair, and maintaining reliable core services like trash pickup.

Build Safe and Healthy Communities

Let’s take an expansive view of safety and well-being by building a community that enables that reality for everyone. Whether that means after school programs for our children, a supported police department that is accountable to all residents, or healthy transportation and recreation choices, the way we build and operate our city is essential to the safety and health of everyone living here.

Create a Vibrant City for All

Kansas City is an exciting place to be, with consistent growth adding to our vibrancy. Let’s make sure our continued development is sustainable and benefits all of our neighbors, as well as the companies behind them. When incentives are used, they should be thoughtfully designed and carefully managed to ensure that developers are accountable to the promises made. Expanding access to affordable housing should be a primary goal of our city.