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KCMO City Council Explained

Our city council is made up of 13 people. In addition to the Mayor, there are 6 districts which each have 2 members. Each district has one person who is voted on only by those living in the district (the “in district” member) and one person who is voted on by the entire city (the “at large” member.)

I’m running for city council in the 4th District At Large race. That means any resident of Kansas City, MO can vote for me, regardless of their location.

You can read more about how city council works on the city’s website.

KCMO New Council Districts

Based on the latest US Census population numbers, Kansas City’s councils are adjusted every 10 years. This means some voters may find themselves in a new council district for this election. Learn more about the redistricting process and see the new districts.

Registering to Vote in Kansas City

If you live in Kansas City and need to register to vote, update your voter registration, or find out what will be on your ballot, the right resource depends on where you live. Follow the link that applies to you: