2  Things You Should Know About Rare Tanker Corvettes  

Tanker Corvettes are a unique and rare variant of the Chevrolet Corvette, and here are two key things you should know about them.

Firstly, Tanker Corvettes were a limited production run in 1957 and 1958.  

They earned the name "Tanker" due to their extended fuel capacity, which allowed for longer endurance during endurance races.  

These Corvettes featured a larger fuel tank, typically with a capacity of 24 gallons, compared to the standard 16-gallon tank in regular Corvettes of the time.  

This additional fuel capacity was beneficial for long-distance races and provided a competitive edge to drivers.  

Secondly, Tanker Corvettes are highly sought-after by collectors today due to their rarity.  

Only a small number of Tanker Corvettes were produced, making them a valuable find for enthusiasts and collectors alike.  

Their unique features, limited production, and historical significance make Tanker Corvettes prized gems in the Corvette community and classic car market.