Steve Magnante Clears Up The Confusion Between Chevrolet El Camino And Camaro Z28 Engines

Steve Magnante is known for his expertise in automotive matters, and he has cleared up the confusion surrounding the engines of the Chevrolet El Camino and Camaro Z28.  

While some enthusiasts may believe that the El Camino shared engines with the Camaro Z28, Magnante sets the record straight.

He explains that while both vehicles were produced during the same era, they utilized different engines.

The Camaro Z28 typically featured high-performance small-block V8 engines,

while the El Camino came with a range of engine options,  

including V8s, inline-six engines, and even V6 engines in later years.

Magnante's clarification helps dispel any misconceptions and highlights the unique engine choices available in these iconic Chevrolet models.