The Most Badass Classic Camaros, Ranked  

Ranking the most badass classic Camaros is no easy task, but here's a thrilling lineup.  

In fifth place, the 1969 Camaro Z28 demands attention with its powerful V8 engine and aggressive styling.

Fourth on the list is the 1967 Camaro SS, boasting a muscular presence and impressive performance.  

The third spot goes to the legendary 1969 Camaro SS 427, with its jaw-dropping horsepower and unmistakable rumble.

Coming in second is the 1970 Camaro ZL1, a rare beast with its all-aluminum engine and mind-bending speed.  

And finally, claiming the top spot is the iconic 1969 Camaro COPO, a limited-production powerhouse built for drag racing domination.  

The potential for a hybrid Camaro demonstrates the industry's commitment to sustainability without compromising the legendary spirit of the iconic muscle car.